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JV Dance Fitness

Where body health & core fitness come together.

Connecting dance and fitness...
                                                                           ...for the optimum result.

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About Us

Happiness is a dance move away!

JV Dance Fitness was founded in 2020 by Javan Mattei also known as JV.

With over 2 and a half decades of experience in the dance, fitness and sports industry around the world, JV has specialised expertise and honed-in unique skills to make any fitness session fun and exciting.

He is a hugely successful professional performer, dance, fitness and sports instructor who was fortunate to work in the theatrical, private, corporate, film and television arenas. Always wanting to improve and develop skills, he continues to study and improve on his knowledge. JV also works for various charities such as MENCAP (a learning disabilities charity), schools and various corporate groups providing unique and fun dance fitness classes to an inspiring client base.

JV Dance Fitness has a unique style which make's each session the best fitness class in London, focused on body conditioning. Part of his unique style comes from years of experience and performing various dance styles around the world. From African street dance, break-dancing, classic, contemporary, hip-hop, old & new school, cheer-leading, and most street styles such as the robot, popping and locking, wave, tutting, clowning to name a few! 

These unique, entertaining and creative styles he brings to his dance classes teaching, not only inspiring choreography but the techniques so students can develop their own style and dances.

In addition, JV is a fitness and personal instructor, promoting individual and group fitness, motivating youth and adults all around our communities. Focusing on body conditioning, strength and cardiovascular fitness (as examples) JV uses a wide range of exercises to achieve amazing fitness results.  Enjoy either HIIT style fitness classes or line dancing depending on your interests and motivation. For individuals wanting more focus JV provides personal training or 1-2-1 sessions. Decide with JV your goals and aims and then have an individually tailored programme to suit you and with his support and encouragement to make fitness part of your lifestyle.   

Be prepared to work hard and explore your capabilities. With us you'll achieve your fitness goals in style. Try us out to see the results!

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02 August 2020

Enhanced DBS check

I aim to provide a safe secure fun trustworthy environment. No criminal records, and have an enhanced DBS check,


Javan Mattei


May 2008

Full teaching qualification

With over 2 decades of experience in various fitness dance styles one can be rest assured your fitness and health is in great hands.


Javan Mattei

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26 May 2020

Fitness & PT diploma

I strive to keep up with the times, advancing through studies, programs, acquiring more knowledge to better suit each individual who uses my services.


Javan Mattei

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