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Street Dance Workshops Tailored For Schools!

Inspiring fitness through dance!

Join our dance fitness community today and add to each students school experience. Building memories and inspiring future fitness goals through our street dance workshops has become increasingly popular.

Street dance workshops tailored for schools, aimed at giving our future generations the best opportunities in exploring fitness through a fun dance experience. Hosted once or twice a school term on sports days or a dedicate P.E. class bringing a fun experience to each individual during school hours.

We host monthly, termly or even yearly workshops at various schools in and around London.

For more information, testimonials and credentials, please take a look at our brochure via the link provided:

Click to view our School Workshop Brochure!

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School Club Activities

JV Dance Fitness also hosts breakfast and after school clubs. 

Breakfast clubs: Wake-up with JV Dance Fitness morning sessions for all levels. These morning classes run for 45 minutes and depending on the schools demand they usually run weekly. Movement and mobility classes are also offered to staff members seeking to start their day off in a healthy way.

After school clubs: Our after school street dance clubs run on a 5 week rotation in the school. This aims at providing an equal opportunity for all students at your school to sign up throughout the year. Our 5 week street dance rotation also allows different year groups the opportunity to sign up.

Our goal at each school is to teach and empower 90 students yearly, through our after school clubs. This would give us a max of 15 students per 5 weeks, 30 students during each school term.

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