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We have great packages (with discounted rates) to suit a fantastic fitness plan for you.

Get Classes from - £10 with our great  packages.

With a range of over six different packages,  tailored to suit your Dance Fitness needs.

Take a look at your options to find what suits you.

Don't want to book a package now? That's ok, contact us and get a free lesson!

Book your private sessions with our combo package. 

2 or 3 friends/family max from £30

Take a look at your options to find what suits you.

Un-booked/walk in classes:

- £19.50 outdoor & Zoom sessions

- £24.50 studio sessions Raynes Park &

 Motspur Park

from - £ 65 Personal Training

All monthly packages apply only to our group class lessons. 

One Month

1 Month Bronze Package includes 4 lessons over a 1 month period with 1 lesson per week.

@£16.50 per class

£66 per month

1 Month Silver Package includes 8 Lessons over a 1 month period with 2 lessons per week.

@£15 per class

£120 per month


Two Months

2 Month Gold Package includes 24 lessons over a 2 month period with 3 lessons per week.

@£12.50 per class

£150 per month

2 Month Platinum Package includes 32 lessons over a 2 month period with 4 lessons per week.

@£11.50 per class

£184 per month


One Month

1 Month Gold Package includes 12 Lessons over a 1 month period with 3 lessons per week.

@£13.50 per class

£162 per month

1 Month Platinum Package includes 16 Lessons over a 1 month period with 4 lessons per week.

@£12.50 per class

£200 per month


Three Months

3 Month Bronze Package includes 12 lessons over a 3 month period with 1 lesson per week.

@£15 per class

£60 per month

3 Month Silver Package includes 24 lessons within a 3 month period with 2 lessons per week.

@£12.50 per class

£100 per month


Two Months

2 Month Bronze Package includes 8 Lessons over a 2 month period with 1 lesson per week.

@£15 per lesson

£60 per month

2 Month Silver Package includes 16 lessons over a 2 month period with 2 lessons per week.

@£13.50 per class

£108 per month


Three Months

3 Month Gold Package includes 36 lessons within a 3 month period with 3 lessons per week.

@£11.50 per class

£138 per month

3 Month Platinum Package includes 48 lessons within a 3 month period with 4 lessons per week.

@£10 per class

£160 per month

Bronze Package

Gold Package


Silver Package


Platinum Package

Bronze Package


Silver Package

Bronze Package


Silver Package


Platinum Package


Platinum Package

Gold Package

Gold Package


Family discount

Get to enjoy your own dance fitness class while your children enjoy theirs. 10% off each package for family members (living together).

Ideal for parents with two or more children.

Perfect for team building and family bonding time.

(Excludes PT).


Combo Package

2 or 3 legends in a personal training session, perfect for family members or friends who want to take their training to that next level and share the cost with someone close.

£75 per hour x2 legends

£90 per hour x3 legends


Day bookings

Studio sessions

Reserve your spot & pay less. With this booking you receive 1 lesson for the day you've booked.

A great taster to body, balance and coordination awareness.


£19.50 per class 


Junior Legends

For those legends who've been with us for 6 or more seasons/terms qualify for a 10% discount on any 1-2-1 package deals.

Personal training empowers each individual at their own pace.

Setting goals, working hard with loads of fun on the path to success.

The future is yours!

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Zoom Money Saver
No Space Available


Zoom training package.

£15.00 per class per person.

Book 12 lessons within three months for only


Yearly Special:

24 classes at £10 per class in a 3 month period (2 lessons per week)

Save money while investing into a fitter more healthier life style today.


Personal Training

Book 1-2-1 quality personal training sessions.

Get quality training with undivided attention.
Usually @ £95 per session book 12 sessions

1 x weekly @ £65, or

24 sessions

2 x weekly @ £55

with the option to pay monthly.

This package has a 12 week cycle.